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Nestlé chocolate

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Picture of Aero Chocolate 36g

Aero Chocolate 36g

Smooth bubbly milk chocolate. With every bite, the chocolate bubbles inside the smooth chocolate shell will melt effortlessly in your mouth!
Picture of Aero Mint 36g

Aero Mint 36g

Smooth milk chocolate filled with peppermint flavoured bubbles.
Picture of Boost Cans 24 x 250ml

Boost Cans 24 x 250ml

Boost, explosive energy and maximum taste for the ultimate recharge.
Picture of Nestlé Fruit Pastiles 50g

Nestlé Fruit Pastiles 50g

If you're looking for a chewy, fruity-flavoured sweet, try the irresistible taste of Rowntree's® Fruit Pastilles. Every paper tube contains a mixture of five fantastic flavours: blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry, lime, and orange. Still irresistibly chewy and now vegan friendly for even more people to enjoy!
Picture of Nestlé Kit Kat 4 Finger 45g

Nestlé Kit Kat 4 Finger 45g

Unwrap, break off a chocolate finger, snap it in two and savour the crispy wafer biscuit covered in deliciously smooth milk chocolate
Picture of Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky 40g

Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky 40g

Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky a crispy wafer finger covered with thick milk chocolate (68%)